Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning


  STEP ONE: Pet Hair Removal: For many of us, keeping your furniture free of pet hair seems to be an endless battle. This special tool has a ribbed rubber blade that gathers and holds the hair, removing not only visible hair from your furniture, but also getting out the deeper hairs embedded in the fabric.
  STEP TWO: Pre-Treat Upholstery: This is an important step in the cleaning process. We will apply a special solution that is designed especially for breaking down dirt, soil and stains embedded deep in your upholstery.
  STEP THREE: Fabric Agitation | Loosen Soil: We will then agitate the entire fabric by using a soft bristle brush, this will allow us to easily rinse and extract these contaminants efficiently.
  STEP FOUR: Soil Removal |pH Balancing Rinse and Extract:The soil is then extracted from the fabric with a gentle, controlled pH balancing rinse that neutralizes the cleaners used and leaves your fabric soft, fresh and residue free.




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