Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Ultra Clean Team offers a 100% guarantee because we are confident you will be completely satisfied with our carpet cleaning services. We have been giving homeowners cleaner carpets for over 40 years. Our "Clean Trust" certified carpet cleaning technicians provide exceptional customer service and care. Our carpet cleaning experts know the ins and outs of carpet cleaning.




Need to get rid of spots or odors in your carpet? Ultra Clean Team's truck-mounted hot water extraction system gets your carpet clean by permeating your carpet fibers, drawing out deeply embedded odors and odor-causing agents from musty flooring, pet-affected areas, cigarette rooms and spill-zones. Optional deodorizers are available in a variety of fragrances, along with a pet-specific deodorizer for stubborn pet smells.




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Our Services

Carpets take a beating with heavy foot traffic, spills, sand, salt, water and other messes that can make them look dirty and worn. Regular, professional commercial carpet cleaning is the best way to extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking beautiful for their lifetime. We offer:

  Low Moisture Encapsulation - Can be walked on soon after cleaning
  Hot Water Extraction - Common way to safely deep-clean carpets
  Avoid Costly Carpet Replacement